May 23 – 27

This week in Social Studies we will wrap our discussion on Human Rights.  This will prepare them for the fishbowl discussion that they will have in English.

Lesson 1 – We will look at article 26 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights: Education.  The students will see some statistics about education (primarily in Africa) and then will read one of four articles relating to education in Africa.  The students will then share their information about their article with students who read the articles in a jigsaw activity so all students will have the important points of each article.

Lesson 2 – To start off the lesson the students will take a technology survey for grade 7.  Then we will have a discussion about the articles the students read in the previous class.  This will be followed by another practice discussion using persuasive language about the benefits of education and healthcare being a human right.  Then we will make a relationship brainframe that will put on paper all the facts and concepts we have discussed while highlighting the 4 human rights we discussed in both English and Social Studies.

Lesson 3 – As always, we will start lesson 3 with a kahoot of the week’s current events.  We will then make a categorizing brainframe about the human right that the students have been assigned to discuss in English.  This brainframe will be an organized way for the students to get their talking points on paper for the fishbowl discussion.

*All reassessments must be completed by Friday so I can have time to grade them and put them into Powerschool as well as take that into consideration while I write report card comments.  Thank you for understanding that this is a long process and students should not have waited until the very end of the semester to reassess.

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