May 16 – 20

This is our first full week in quite some time, I hope everyone is up for it.  This week we will be looking at very specific articles from the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  There will be a total of 4 different articles that we focus on in both Social Studies and English and the students will use the information that they learn for the final performance task of the year, a debate.

Lesson 1 – This first lesson will look at slavery and article 4 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  Students will do a true/false activity about some facts, watch a video clip about slavery in Mauritania, and then read a couple of articles about slavery around the world.

Lesson 2 – The second lesson will look at refugees and article 14 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  Students will answer a question on padlet, view a presentation, watch a couple short video clips and do a wrap activity to see statistics of refugees around the world.

Lesson 3 – We will start the lesson with a weekly Kahoot quiz about current events.  Then, students will use there knowledge from the first two case studies that we have looked at to answer some questions.  They will be using persuasive language including stating an argument and backing that argument up with facts.  This will be great practice for the kind of language they will then have to use in the debate.

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