May 10 – 13

This week students will finish up their essays and then shift their focus to the next half of the unit: Human Rights.

Lesson 1 – All students will create a telling brainframe about other factors that need to be considered when redrawing the borders of Africa.  They will discuss as a class different things such as resources, current government and population as different factors that would need to be considered if redrawing the borders.

Lesson 2 – Students will have their first look at at Human Rights.  We will go into the history of the UN Human Rights Declaration, countries that support human rights treaties and then start to refocus on Africa and different human rights violations that are occurring there.

*Blocks A & C will also have their Kahoot, current events quiz lesson 2 since they do not have a lesson 3 this week.

Lesson 3 (F, G & H) – We will start the lesson with the weekly current events quiz.  After the quiz, we will wrap up any questions from the previous day’s presentation about the introduction to Human Rights and then well start talking about a specific Human Rights area having to do with Sudan.

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