April 4 – 8

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable break.  I had a great time exploring Morocco! We are officially starting the fourth quarter today and have 10 weeks of school left, not that anyone is counting.

Here is the Quarter 3 Newsletter.  It has a summary of what we did in Q3 and a preview of Q4.

Lesson 1 – Students will be introduced to the new unit – Truth.  We will be covering the history of Africa from colonialism to today, looking at various maps of Africa and then finishing the unit with human rights.  The students will watch a brief video, followed by a fact or fib activity about Africa and then finally they will be familiarizing themselves with the continent by labeling a map.

Lesson 2 – In order to better understand the current situation in Africa, the students will do a simulation about the Scramble for Africa.  They will be broken up into groups and will represent a European country claiming territory in Africa.  After the activity, there will be a debrief to better understand how the Scramble for Africa worked.

Lesson 3 – We will start the lesson with Kahoot, the quiz about current events.  Students get the information for the quiz from CNN Student News.  After that, we will look at some of the reasons why the European countries wanted to colonize Africa.  We will look at different data tables including natural resources.

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