April 25 – 29

This week is a short week due to Activity Day on Thursday and No School on Friday.

All students will be working on redrawing the borders of Africa this week for all lessons.  They will be using information learned in Social Studies in order to make the map of Africa more logical than it currently is.  After that, they will then write a persuasive essay explaining why their map is better than the current political map.  Since this unit is an interdisciplinary unit with English, the essay writing will take place in both classes so the students have more time to write, edit and revise which will hopefully give them plenty of time to craft a great essay.

Lesson 1 – Redrawing Africa. Students will be given a blank map and will have to reorganize Africa in a more logical way.

Lesson 2 (A, C & F only) – Redrawing Africa. Students will be given a blank map and will have to reorganize Africa in a more logical way.

Lesson 3 – There is no lesson 3 due to activity day Thursday or no classes on Friday.

If you are traveling over this long weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time and travel safely!

April 18 – 22

There was an issue with the blog server last week on Monday so I wasn’t able to update the blog then and then I got busy the rest of the week and forgot about the blog.  Please excuse the missed blog last week.

This week the students will continue their in-depth look at Africa.

Lesson 1 – Students will finish up the maps that they had started last week.  Then they will look at Nigeria as a case study for conflicts.  They will watch a few videos and read an article to help them better understand the situation there.

Lesson 2 – They will use the maps they created (religious, ethnic and language families) in order to make a brain frame.  The brain frame will use the case studies they have looked at in both English and Social Studies to figure out the main cause of the conflict.  Then they will use the maps to determine where they believe potential conflict may break out in the future.

Lesson 3 – Students will be introduced to the assessment.  They will be asked to redraw Africa’s borders.  They will use the conflicts they have studied for justification for why they have drawn their map the way they have.  Later they will be asked to write about their reasons but first, they will redraw the map.

The Redrawn map of Africa will be due April 27 for all classes.

April 4 – 8

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable break.  I had a great time exploring Morocco! We are officially starting the fourth quarter today and have 10 weeks of school left, not that anyone is counting.

Here is the Quarter 3 Newsletter.  It has a summary of what we did in Q3 and a preview of Q4.

Lesson 1 – Students will be introduced to the new unit – Truth.  We will be covering the history of Africa from colonialism to today, looking at various maps of Africa and then finishing the unit with human rights.  The students will watch a brief video, followed by a fact or fib activity about Africa and then finally they will be familiarizing themselves with the continent by labeling a map.

Lesson 2 – In order to better understand the current situation in Africa, the students will do a simulation about the Scramble for Africa.  They will be broken up into groups and will represent a European country claiming territory in Africa.  After the activity, there will be a debrief to better understand how the Scramble for Africa worked.

Lesson 3 – We will start the lesson with Kahoot, the quiz about current events.  Students get the information for the quiz from CNN Student News.  After that, we will look at some of the reasons why the European countries wanted to colonize Africa.  We will look at different data tables including natural resources.