March 7 – 11

This week students will focus on International Trade in preparation for next week’s stock market simulation.

Lesson 1 – Students will be introduced to the 6 Thinking Hats which will help them organize their notes for the International Trade readings.  They will read the first three sections: Why do people trade?, What is protectionism? and finally, What is free trade?  Students will be responsible for taking notes that they will share with their group next class.

Lesson 2 – This lesson will start out with a discussion using academic conversation about what the students read in the previous class.  Once they have finished their discussion, they will read the remaining 3 sections of the International Trade readings.  The 3 sections are: What is globalization? How has globalization affected trade? And Free trade.  Again they will take notes and highlight information in their their readings.

Lesson 3 – We will start the class with a Kahoot about this week’s CNN Student News shows.  Then we will have an academic discussion about the readings from the previous class.  And to wrap up the week, students will start looking towards the Student Led Conferences (SLC) which will be held on March 16.  They will start thinking about what assignments/assessments from Social Studies they would like to highlight during the SLC.

Important Dates:

March 16:  Student Led Conferences 12:30pm to 5pm.

March 14-March 18: Stock Market Simulation (all Social Studies classes)

March 23: School Holiday

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