January 25 – 29

Happy Monday Everyone!  This week students will be introduced to the Silk Road and we will discuss the Silk Road’s importance, what was traded, where it was located and what it is exactly.  Students will then be working on their Silk Road Map and Guide Assessment that will be due February 11 and 12.

If there are any sports fans out there, the Rugby and Touch IASAS tournament has been moved to ISM and will be begin this Thursday through Saturday.  If you have some free time later this week come on by and help support our Bearcats!  http://iasas.jisedu.or.id/rugby/

Lesson 1 – Students will be introduced to the Silk Road through a quick presentation with a short video clip and then a short reading that will help them to become more familiar with the Silk Road.  They will have to answer some questions about the Silk Road.  If they do not complete this in class, they will need to finish it for homework.  It will be due next lesson.

Lesson 2 – We will review the answers to the questions about the Silk Road and the students will be able to share some interesting facts about their city.  We will watch Crash Course with John Green about the Silk Road and do a 3-2-1 activity.  Then I will introduce the Silk Road Map and Guide assignment.    Students will work within a group to do research on a section of the Silk Road.  They will need to create a guide for future traveler’s of the Silk Road.  They will need to explain the human and physical characteristics that a traveler might encounter along their section of the Silk Road.

Lesson 3 – Students will have time to work in their groups on the Silk Road Map and Guide Assignment.

January 18 – 22

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Last week, I was so busy with report writing and putting in final grades, I completely forgot do a blog post, my apologies.

This week students will finish making a Physical Map of Asia and will be introduced to the human and physical characteristics of a place.  They will do a sorting activity and then figure out which features unify and divide the people in a particular region.

Lesson 1 – Finishing up the Physical Map of Asia.  We started working on this last week.  The instructions for this map are located on Google Classroom.

Lesson 2 – Students will work on distinguishing between human characteristics and physical characteristics that make up a place.  There is a prezi and a  sorting activity to help them distinguish between the two.

Lesson 3 – Students will first have a Kahoot Quiz about the CNN Student News.  (They should have watched the 10 minute videos for Thursday Jan 14, Friday Jan 15, Monday is a holiday in the US so, not CNN for MOnday, Tuesday Jan 19 and Wednesday Jan 20.) After the Kahoot, the students will do a different sorting activity where they will determine which human and physical characteristics unify and divide a region.  There will be a discussion following the sorting activity.

Coming Up: Next week we will start the first assessment for unit 3: The Silk Road Map & Guide.  More information will be included on next weeks blog post.

January 5 – 8

I hope everyone had a relaxing, enjoyable, fun-filled holiday.  I had a wonderful time in Austria and Turkey and am now struggling with jet-lag as are some of the students.  Hopefully it will pass quickly for everyone so we are able to get back into the swing of things.

This week will see the introduction of the new unit: Interaction.

Lesson 1 – All students will be introduced to the unit by examining the essential questions and discussing any prior knowledge they have about the topics that we will cover.  They will then watch a set of videos and look for the ways in which the characters in the clips are interacting with others and the world around them.  Finally the students will do an opinion continuum with questions and/or statements related to interaction.  And example would be: Interactions can be both positive and negative.  The students will have to choose whether they agree or disagree with the statement and then place themselves along the continuum.  They will have a chance to state their opinions and then debate the others in the class.  We have done this before during the first unit and the students seemed to like it a lot.

Lesson 2 – Students will brainstorm with their table groups about what they think the 10 most important words will be for this unit.  They will have to explain how their chosen words relate to the unit and how they arrived at their top 3 choices.  Then they will look at set of words and sort them into characteristics that would divide or unify a region.  Again the students will work in table groups and have to be able to explain/defend their thinking.

Lesson 3 (F, G, & H only this week, A & C will start this next week)- Students will take a survey about the countries they have visited within Asia.  Then the students will make a thematic map representing the data from the survey.  From this data and map they will examine the characteristics of maps.  They will also look at the physical features of Asia.   This will help them later on when we start discussing the Silk Road.  *The mapping activity will take quite a bit of time and will likely finish in the middle of next week.