November 23 – 27

Good Morning Everyone!  This week we will be introducing the Performance Task for this unit.  Students will be given plenty of class time in order to complete the Performance Task, but may still have to finish up a few things for homework.  I know that students are very busy with other assessments for other classes, so I’m hoping they will use their class time wisely to minimize the amount of homework they have.

Lesson 1 – Performance Task introduction.  Students will be given time to start working on their research for this P.T.  Students can also work on taking good notes.

Lesson 2 – Students will have a mini-lesson on creating a bibliography that includes the necessary elements: MLA format, alphabetized, source and photo information.  The rest of the time, students can continue working on collecting information for their P.T.

Lesson 3 – Students will have a mini-lesson about the importance of words using a word ladder.  They will then use the rest of the class time to work on their research and note-taking.

Performance Task Due Dates:

A Block – Thursday, December 3 (end of class)

C Block – Thursday, December 3 (end of class)

F Block Friday, December 4 (end of class)

G Block – Friday, December 4 (end of class)

H Block – Friday, December 4 (end of class)

November 16 – 20

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  Hopefully traffic won’t be too bad this week with APEC.  And just a reminder, all after school activities have been canceled this week due to APEC.

Lesson 1 – Students will finish up the in class assessment: Chinese Ingenuities.  If they do not finish in class, they need to come during to tutorials to complete the assessment.

Lesson 2 – Students will be introduced to the Enlightenment and its main thinkers.  They will see a presentation and have a discussion, they will watch a movie and complete a worksheet.

Lesson 3 – Students will play the game: Name that Philosopher as an opening activity.  They will make a wanted poster of one of the Enlightenment thinkers since at the time, their ideas were radical. Then they will match famous quotes to the Enlightenment thinkers based on the ideas they have learned each thinker introduced to the world.

Congratulations to Martina Yap from H Block who was the Newsmaster of the week.  She scored 17,800 points on the Current Events Kahoot quiz.  Well done!

November 9 – 13

This week we are going to try to get the students into the habit of watching CNN Student News so they are up to date on current events.  This will culminate with a Kahoot! quiz every third lesson from now on.  The scores from each Kahoot! will be saved and a “Newscaster of the Month” will be named at the end of each month.  The Newscaster of the Month will get their picture on the wall and a small prize.  Hopefully this will get the students excited about watching the news.

Lesson 1 – Students will have a mini-lesson on the features of non-fiction text.  They will then use those features in order to learn about one of the following topics: Renaissance, The Incas, Reformation of Christianity, Great Voyage of Discovery, Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Islamic Empires and Indian Achievements.  The students will use a textbook to learn more about their topic and then present their findings to the class.

Lesson 2 – Students will be assessed on how well they can use the features of non-fiction text by examining some Chinese Ingenuities.  They will look at innovations in exploration and travel, military technology, everyday objects, industry and disease prevention.

Lesson 3 – Students will have their Kahoot! quiz for the current events of the week.  They will also have time to finish up their Chinese Ingenuities assessment.

Hopefully this week I will be able to (really just remember to) pass back the previous assessments.  If the students wish to reassess, there is a Form that they will need to fill out and they will have to attend to 2 tutorials.

November 3 – 6

I hope everyone had an enjoyable break!  I went to Palawan to learn how to scuba dive, such an amazing experience!  Hopefully everyone is relaxed, refreshed, and ready to push through the next 6 weeks until the next break.

This week is a short week since we had Monday off for break.  This is an overview of the week:

Lesson 1 – This is a work day for the students for their Innovations in Time assignment.  It is a timeline of any innovation of their choosing that shows a progression over time.  This will also give me a chance to do one-on-one conferences with the students to see where they are at and answer any pending questions.

Lesson 2 – Students will peer edit / revise their timelines.  This is a great way to have another set of eyes look over their work.  This will be the last day that the students have to work on the assignment in class.

Lesson 3 – (F, G, & H only) – Students must bring a printed copy of their timeline to class with them.  They will turn in the assignment at the beginning of class.  Students will then watch CNN Student News to help them be more aware of current events.  There will then be a short game about current events after we watch the news.

Innovations in Time – Timeline due dates:


F Block – Friday 11/6

G Block – Friday 11/6

H Block – Friday 11/6

A Block – Monday 11/9

C Block – Monday 11/9