October 12 – 16

Last week was a great week for ISM athletics, the Boys Soccer Team and the Girls Volleyball Teams both took Gold Medals in the IASAS tournaments they were in.  The Boys and Girls Cross Country took 2nd overall.  It was great to see our middle schoolers supporting our high school athletes!

This week we will be introducing the new unit, Innovation.  I have sent out a Quarter 1 Newsletter that gives an overview of the new unit while also showing some highlights from the first unit.

Here is the overview of the week:

Lesson 1 – All classes will be taking the Language portion of the MAP Test in the Lofthouse.

Lesson 2 – Students will be introduced to the new unit Innovation.  They will brainstorm as many words as they can think of while rearranging the letters in innovation.  They will also think about what they believe is the most important innovation/invention of all time and they will have to defend their thoughts while discussing this with the class.

Lesson 3 – (All classes but F, they miss a class due to PTC on Wednesday, October 14)  Students will be given some materials and their task will be to work as a team to create the tallest structure that they can.  They will have to be innovative and creative in order to complete this task.  This will help get them thinking about ways that innovators and inventors have to look at a challenge and find a way to solve it.  It should be a lot of fun!

October 5 – 9

This is our first regular, 5 day week that we have had in a long time.  It will be great getting to see the students this week and be able to have all of our class time!

Lesson 1 – Students need to bring their photo for the National Geographic Performance Task.  In class they will have another student look it over to make sure that it has all of the required elements: the student must be in the picture, there needs to be a total of 10 items, and 5 of the items need to be written about in the paragraphs for the task.

Lesson 2 – Students will share their Performance Task (PT) with another student and then make a compare and contrast brain-frame about the different cultural features represented in their PT and their partner’s.  This brain-frame will be turned in and will assessed along with the rest of the materials for the PT.

Lesson 3 – In order to support our ISM soccer teams and in celebration of the end of the first unit and the first quarter, students will be cheering on our Bearcats at the IASAS soccer tournament.

Performance Task Due Dates:

A Block – Tuesday, October 6

C Block – Wednesday, October 7

F Block – Wednesday, October 7

G Block – Thursday, October 8

H Block – Thursday, October 8


Unit 2: Innovation starts next week!  Start thinking about inventions, inventors, and innovators!