H Block – Homework

What is one thing you learned about stereotyping in class and what is one question you still have?

*Remember you need to respond/comment to one other student’s response as well as answering the question.

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  1. I learned that stereotypes aren’t really true, and that stereotypes can be very hurtful, and discrimination and prejudice is really wrong. I still wonder why people are still racist today, as everyone travels and people have different color skins and different languages everywhere.

  2. I have learned that there are many stereotypes in this world that is influenced by social media, celebrities and your surroundings. One thing I still wonder why we tend to stereotype people even if we know it is wrong?

    1. I think that people still use stereotypes even though they know its wrong because they are afraid for the teasing and harsh words to be directed at them next.

  3. I have learned that stereotyping is a terrible thing to do, and stereotypes should not be used. Just because somebody doesn’t look like you, it doesn’t mean that he/she is a bad or wrong person. Also, I learned that stereotypes are influenced my media, and things like tv shows. One question I still have is when did stereotypes start becoming a real problem, and what is the most common stereotype? Who do stereotypes target most directly?

  4. Stereo Types arent just by race, but also gender. I also JUST found out the “boys like blue, and girls like pink” stereo type. 😀

    1. It is also considered as an offence, or a compliment. Like the nerdy stereotype for example. If people say “oh your wearing glasses you must be very smart” it can be seen as a good thing or seen as a bad thing.

  5. I learned that stereotypes are influenced by prejudice and the media. The people who are referred to in the stereotype have their self-esteem lowered, because they feel bad about themselves. I wonder why stereotypes are still used today, even if they were only relevant in the past, or even when they are just someone’s judgement?

  6. Stereo is a belief or idea of what a particular type of thing or person is like. We should not treat each other differently because of their physical appearance and race. There is never a world with everyone the same so we should have tolerance and respect each other equally and the way we want to be treated.

    Question: What/who started the idea of treating each other differently because of there race and “colour”?
    Why do people think this way? They need to start being more thoughtful for one another and realise that they are not doing the right thing.

  7. Stereotypes can be very hurtful and are sometimes racist. I wonder why white people took black people as slaves instead of black people taking white people as slaves.

  8. Sterotypes are usually not true and usually people think it is true. Such as blue eyes are smarter but people with brown eyes are smart.

  9. I learned that stereotypes can make people feel bad, and mostly they are not true. They happen when someones sees something on tv or real life and they think that for all the people.

    I still wander why people still believe in bad stereotypes that can make people feel bad still do them today.

  10. I learned that everyone has to do with stereotyping because the kids in the movie were all shocked because they were being separated from their friends because of eye colour. So kids AND adults have to do with stereotypes.

    I wonder why kids back then had such strong feelings about this, almost as strong as adults today! Did Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination effect them so much or were they just really exposed to things like that?

  11. Stereotypes aren’t always true. They are usually made by someone with prejudices, or people how categorize a whole bunch of people based by only one person or one tiny, ridiculous idea. Stereotypes are heavily influenced by media, movies, books, rumors, and celebrities, among others.

    My question is: Since I’m pretty sure that most people know that stereotypes aren’t accurate or a good influence to our world, how come so many people still judge others and make silly guesses about a whole group of people?

  12. I learned that stereotyping makes people have lower self esteem which makes them feel bad about themselves. From the video, Eye of the Storm, the students felt superior when the teacher said that they were better than others. But those who had a collar, felt they were “less than”.

    My question is, why do the “superior” feel it’s right to discriminate other people?

    1. Although I don’t know the answer to your question, I also wonder, how did stereotypes, racism and discrimination all start?

  13. I learned that students don’t understand how mistreated other people with different characteristics are.

    I wonder which country is it most common in…

  14. I’ve learned that stereotype can greatly effect people. It can make people upset, hurt, confused, and they might try to live up to the stereotype statement or prove the statement wrong. I also learned that stereotypes aren’t true.

  15. I learned that most stereotypes are not true but some could be. One of the example is all asians are smart. Obviously there are asians that are smart but some aren’t. People think this because of personal experience.

    I wonder why people make stereotypes a such a big deal even though most of them aren’t true.

  16. I learned that there shouldn’t be any judging by Distinction we are all same human. What I am still wondering that why people still do discrimination to other people group.

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