F Block – Homework

What is one thing you learned about stereotyping in class and what is one question you still have?

*Remember you need to respond/comment to one other student’s response as well as answering the question.

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  1. Something I have learned about stereotypes is that they can be very offensive to a lot of people, and a bunch of them are not true.

      1. They don’t just judge after they see that group of people. The stereotype makes them have prejudice, makes them judge before even seeing the group of people being judged.

  2. I learned that stereotyping is an unfair and untrue belief that a person has about a group of people that results in discrimination, racism, and prejudice. What was the origin of stereotypes in America?

  3. I learned that discrimination is an example of stereotypes, because white people think that colored skinned people are lower class, mean, and stupid.

    Who are the red skinned people?

  4. One thing I learned about stereotyping is both sides of the stereotype. Like if the stereotype about the person says that they are good at math and they aren’t great at math, it could hurt them and the people around them because the stereotype isn’t about them. One question I still have about stereotypes is do they differ from country to country?

  5. I learned that white people used to call coloured people by the colour that is most similar to their skin tone.

    Who are the “red skinned” people?

      1. I think that because they’re foreigners at that time and they came from a poor country/continent. The white people thinks that they were unworthy of the luxurious living style, so they made them slaves. Prejudice is also a big topic on this question.

  6. I learned that it is not respectful and polite to discriminate people for their skin colour / where they’re from, and that we should treat every one like an equal.
    One question I have regarding the ‘Eye of the Storm’ video is that was the ‘n’ word made illegal to say in public after the 60’s ?

  7. One thing that I learned about stereotyping today was that once you get a taste of your own medicine about discrimination, you become more nicer to the people who you were once mean to because they finally understand how it feels to be discriminated.
    One question that I have about stereotyping is why did white people before think that they were better than black people? What made them feel that they were superior?

  8. I learned that Chinese people where called yellow skin. I also learned that when you feel how people are treated in real life you understand better how the people really feel.

    Who started stereotypes?

  9. I learned that stereotyping is a horrible thing that people do to others. Doing this makes other people hate others and causes violence and casualties. Is there any stereotypes that are not negative/offensive.

  10. I learned what a stereotype is and I didn’t know that stereotypes are not always true. Does most of the stereotypes bad?

  11. What is one thing you learn about stereotyping in class and what is one question you still have?
    I learned that there shouldn’t be any judging by their different skin colors, their nationality, and their stereotyping because there is no reason to tease other different group of people and we are all same human.
    -Australian are called red skin, but i don’t get what’s the difference between American and Australian. i feel like they have same skin color.

  12. What I learned about stereotype that stereotype is idea or belief about particular person. Stereotype can sometimes turn to terrible problem such as discrimination. One thing I’m not so clear about stereotype is, when people get discriminated why do discriminated people feel that much terrible . Stereotype is belief or ideas about group of people, so even though they got discriminated since they are group of people they still have someone that can support them.

  13. one thing i learned about stereotype is that all the people are the same, If there skin is black they are still people

    why is it like this that black people and white people fight about there color ?

  14. I learned the 4 words that connects with Stereotyping, I also learned that it can really hurt someones’s feeling if you say a stereotype to someone.

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